Must Be Announced

Extra Materials

S.Lawrence Thipe Written compiles materials worth giving attention to. We are in no way subscribing to any extra content that is not listed below, even if we repeat one person too many times, we are in no way recommending that person’s entire ministry except that which appears in our records. And also, these are links we have uploaded from Youtube which will lead into other videos which we have nothing to do with in terms of recommendations. We neither condemn nor recommend but our prayer is that the Holy Spirit may work in you to lead you to a deeper understanding of Jesus, the Christ.
We do not accept or associate with any material that condemns other denominations. We do not smite our fellow servants but are called to call sinners to repentance in Christ. Our approach is to understand why did people come to a certain understanding or revelation and compare scripture with scripture and pray in the Holy Ghost for a Divine intervention in the Salvation of man(Acts 17:16-31)

May the good Lord bless you even as you go through our materials and we ask that, if you have any material which you think will be of benefit to people, please send it to us and if the Holy Ghost allows us, we shall publish it here.

Be Blessed – S.Lawrence Thipe Written

Extra Materials:

Youtube Spiritual Warfare – Youtube Link

                                      Beware of Dogs – YouTube Link







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